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Gokul Joshi relocates from a little and tranquil town of Pune to the clamoring city of Mumbai with an expectation for a superior life. Be that as it may, that is not to be. Quick paced life of Mumbai, its ocean of individuals, the inconceivability of its space – everything about the city starts to overpower Gokul. He is frail, defenseless and vulnerable to the littlest of things. The main thing he accepts to be protected is the security chain of his modest home and lives secured in the house for most time. Until one day, when life chooses to shake things up a smidge

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  • Trailer: #
  • Director: Rahul Bhatankar
  • Writer: Nitin Supekar.
  • Actors: Satish Rajwade, Smitha Gondkar, Abhijeet Khandkekar, Vineet Sharma
Many years after establishment of Maharashtra state Marathi film industry had grown like a tree, but in the absence of dedicated organization. Slowly and gradually Marathi film producers started coming together to produce films for soldiers’ entertainment during tough time of Chinese invasion and Pakistani war.


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