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Begins with a memorable scene at the prime minister’s office. A twelve-year-old boy is sitting in front of the Prime Minister while the Prime Minister appreciates the boy’s work and his efforts. The prime minister is impressed with the unique deed of the boy and questions the boy. He was asked about his source of inspiration and then the amazing journey is revealed through the eyes of the passionate boy. Here, Mr.Satyjit Bharati discovers a real diamond in the boy. With Satyajit’s help, the boy discovered his theme of life and then greeted an unmovable and a great place in society. A boy aged 12 years, does exactly what was discovered by Mr. Satyajit and he stood beside him with great support. A new chapter was thus created. Salute to that boy and salute to channel head Satyajit. A girl is the replica of a goddess, but the reality is fearful. Even today a newborn girl child is killed in the milk barrel filled till the brim or is crushed beneath the legs and killed, and this is a big question mark on the birth of a girl, so there is no question of her education and parental teaching. This is the story of Hari and Jani who are captured in such a situation. Jani’s Mother dies while giving birth to Jani and society blames Jani for this and they say she is a curse and the reason for this happening.

Additional Info

  • Trailer: https://youtu.be/PSypSkWcuNk
  • Director: Ramkumar Gorakhanath Shedge
  • Writer: Aba Gaikwad
  • Actors: Sunil Shetty as Bappa, Tamanna Bhatiya as Tamannaji, Sahil Joshi as Hari, Maithili Patvardhan as Jani, Sunny Pawar as Margya, Arya Ghare as Zipari, Vijay Patkar as Peon, Savita Malpekar as Akka, Sidhi as Chimani, Kishor Kadam as Aajya, Kamlesh Sawant as Soma, Bhakti Chavan as Sakhu, Satish Pulekar as Principal, Prema Kiran as Indu Mavashi, Mosmi Todwalkar as Tina Mansukhani, Divya Shetty as Lady Reporter, Dixit as Tc Channel Head, Prashant Tapasvi as Aslam


Many years after establishment of Maharashtra state Marathi film industry had grown like a tree, but in the absence of dedicated organization. Slowly and gradually Marathi film producers started coming together to produce films for soldiers’ entertainment during tough time of Chinese invasion and Pakistani war.


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