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Tu Tithe Asave


Additional Info

  • Trailer: https://youtu.be/PdzGV4SPTeM
  • Director: Santosh Gaikwad
  • Writer: Ashish Virkar
  • Actors: Pallavi Patil as Gauri, Bhushan Pradhan as Malhar, Vijay Patkar as Mendhe Master, Mohan Joshi as Gauri’s Father, Arun Nalawade as Vithoba, Sameer Dharmadhikari as Baba Bhai, Jaywant Wadkar as Bhaurao, Tejas Patil, Vishakha Ghube, Rohitosh Sardare, Priti Narnavre, Shrikant Vattamvar, Abhilasha Patil


Many years after establishment of Maharashtra state Marathi film industry had grown like a tree, but in the absence of dedicated organization. Slowly and gradually Marathi film producers started coming together to produce films for soldiers’ entertainment during tough time of Chinese invasion and Pakistani war.


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