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"AAMHI BEFIKAR" is a story of five friends who come together to chase their dreams. This story is about their spirit to fight against the obstacles that come their way & how their friendship stays the same through thick & thin! The film is also about a cute moden day love story that makes the film a perfect Valentine season release!



Additional Info

  • Trailer: https://youtu.be/IRiR7EBXW0c
  • Director: Kavishwar Marathe
  • Writer: Kavishwar Marathe
  • Actors: Suyog Gorhe, Mitali Mayekar, Rahul Patil, Swapnil Kale, Akshay Hadke, Rupali Gaykhe, Rupali Jamkar, Devroop Sharma


Many years after establishment of Maharashtra state Marathi film industry had grown like a tree, but in the absence of dedicated organization. Slowly and gradually Marathi film producers started coming together to produce films for soldiers’ entertainment during tough time of Chinese invasion and Pakistani war.


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