·         What do I get with my membership?

·         If I'm a member, do I have to use the unions & guilds on my production?

·         I’m having problems with my new member application / renewal form, who should I speak to?

·         Who do I speak to if I have a question, comment or proposal about member benefits or activities?

·         Can anyone apply for membership?

·         How do I renew my membership?

·         How do I apply for membership?

·         When do I get my membership number?

·         How do I pay my fees?

·         How long will it take for my new member application to be approved?

·         When can I renew my application?

·         What references are required?

·         Where can I find a list of current members?

·         What is the length of membership?

·         Are the fees pro-rated if I join midway through the year?

·         How much does it cost to join the ABMCM?

·         What are the different membership categories?

·         Am I eligible to apply for the Class Acategory directly?

·         Does membership apply to a company or a person?

·         Does membership apply to a parent company, subsidiary or both?

·         What is the difference between Class A Membership and Class B Membership?



Many years after establishment of Maharashtra state Marathi film industry had grown like a tree, but in the absence of dedicated organization. Slowly and gradually Marathi film producers started coming together to produce films for soldiers’ entertainment during tough time of Chinese invasion and Pakistani war.


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